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Complete Production Plants

We are metal stamping press manufacturer doing business from North America to South America.  Our quality metal stamping presses at competitive to low cost prices are unbeatable. Are you looking for an OBI press, blanking press, transfer press? We can be contacted via our contact form for more info or simply look through our online catalog to find the metal stamping press types or component you are looking for.

SANGIACOMO is able to design and develop complete turnkey plants for metal deformation and stamping with the use of presses, moulds, feeding systems and conveyors for produced pieces. Upon customer's request, our research study develops various technological solutions, which can guarantee high level of process integration and automatisation. At the same time, they can grant high quality and production reliability. Customized solutions and after-sales service make SANGIACOMO the perfect partner to satisfy all your production needs.


Our Range

A leading company in the production of C-Frame and
straight-side eccentric mechanical presses