Increase Your Productivity With an Adjustable Stroke Stamping Press

Adjustable Stroke Presses Minimize Downtime From Tool and Press Wear

Boost Throughput with More Efficient Strokes thanks to our Adjustable Stroke Technology

Give Your Operation the Flexibility to Adapt to Shifting Demand

Official Stamping Press Distributor of Sangiacomo Presses in North, South, and Central America

Sangiacomo Presses stands as a leader among mechanical stamping press manufacturers, utilizing our expertise from over 60 years of experience and 16,000 presses delivered globally in crafting the best stamping press machines for the global market.

Our Range of Mechanical Presses

We offer presses for a range of applications across several industries. Our high-precision mechanical press models include both C frame and Straight Side presses with tonnages ranging from 10-500 tons.

What makes us different from other press manufacturers is our in-depth hands-on approach to producing the best mechanical press machines. At our press manufacturing facility in Vittorio Veneto, Italy, every mechanical component undergoes precision machining. This commitment to excellence ensures that every stamping press we produce meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and serviceability, from the individual components to the final product.

Adjustable Stroke Mechanical Press Technology

Importance of the Shortest Stroke in Metal Stamping

One concept in the constantly evolving metal stamping industry remains true today and that is nearly all stamping operations can benefit from utilizing the shortest stroke length possible. This is why the stamping presses produced and delivered by Sangaicomo include the adjustable stroke feature. This allows users to optimize their operation by eliminating wasted motion in the stroke. When the adjustable stroke feature is employed properly it can provide many benefits including:

Benefits of Using the Adjustable Stroke Feature:

  • Streamlined operations and enhanced adaptability due to a multi-functional press capable of stamping, blanking, coining, drawing, and bending.
  • Boosted productivity with the advantage of quicker, more efficient strokes.
  • Minimized downtime and decreased maintenance expenses.
  • Extended tool durability by up to 50%.
  • Prolonged lifespan of the press.
  • Cost-efficient solutions, ensuring profitability even for short-run production tasks.
  • Superior quality in stamped parts produced.

Want to learn more about how our adjustable stroke technology can help optimize your metal stamping operations? Check out our blog to see real success stories from real customers.

Complete Stamping Line Solutions

Sangiacomo's legacy in the stamping press market isn't just about individual presses. We've broadened our capabilities to include a range of products and solutions for the metal stamping industry. Beyond our quality presses, we provide comprehensive turn-key production solutions, encompassing everything from feeding systems to conveyors.

For those in the Americas in search of a quality stamping press machine, and a reliable stamping press distributor, look no further than Sangiacomo Presses. Reach out to us, and let's address your stamping needs together. 

Tailored to Your Stamping Process

Our in-house press manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide our customers with a customizable stamping press solution tailored to their unique metal forming needs. We make it a priority to understand and respond to our customer's specific requirements. From the planning phase to sales and post-sales support, our focus is on providing a smooth and efficient experience. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the customizable options for our presses.

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Once I could show that I can cover 80% or 85% of the quotes we're seeing that we typically just no-quote or pass on, and have the opportunity to bid on them, and win some new customers, along with adding more business with existing customers, then higher management was all in on the adjustable stroke Sangiacomo press

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