Complete Stamping Line Solutions

Complete Stamping Line Solutions from Sangiacomo

While we at Sangiacomo are known for providing high-quality presses, we can also serve as a one-stop shop for all of your auxiliary stamping equipment needs. Thanks to our in-depth metal stamping expertise and industry partners we can design and build complete stamping lines equipped with everything needed to start running production. Depending on your needs and production goals this can include coilers, straighteners, feeders, part handling, etc...

  • Integrated Equipment: To ensure seamless integration and optimal performance we collaborate with trusted industry-leading suppliers.

  • Technological Innovation: Our experts stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in metal forming technology, so we can help your operation continue driving automation, quality, and reliability to new heights.

  • Customization & Support: With our process-tailored solutions and dedicated after-sales service, we stand by our commitment to elevate your production capabilities.

All we need to get started designing your complete stamping line are your intended part, material, and production specs. From there you can sit back and let our team do the rest.

Choose Sangiacomo Presses Americas – the perfect partner for achieving and exceeding your production goals.


300 Ton Complete Stamping Press Line
400 ton stamping press production line
100 ton gap frame stamping line

Our Esteemed Product Partners

We take pride in collaborating with industry leaders to deliver top-tier complete metal stamping solutions. Here's a glimpse at what our distinguished partners bring to the table:

  • Bruderer: Leaders in High-Speed Stamping Presses & Precision Feeding Solutions, ensuring rapid and accurate results every time.

  • Zehnder Sommer: A name synonymous with Precision Feeding Solutions, ensuring a seamless and efficient production process.

  • ZANI: Specializing in crafting custom-made, large-scale presses with capacities scaling up to an impressive 3000 tons.

  • RM Group Holdings: Based in Ridgefield, New Jersey, RM Group is a versatile solution provider. They excel in various sectors, including:

    • PEM Technologies: Precision Electrolytic Machining
    • SST Americas: Middle Market Stamping with comprehensive press services and support
    • Sitec: Series Production of sub-assemblies and components, which includes the production of project-specific bipolar plates for the Hydrogen and EV automotive markets. As well as mechanical and plant engineering.

By integrating our strengths with those of our partners, Sangiacomo is here to provide you with right solution for your complete stamping line needs.

Integrated Product Partners

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