Straight Side Presses

50-500 Ton Straight Side Press Models

Straight Side Presses with
Single and Double Connecting Rod

T50 - T500

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Premium Straight Side Presses from Sangiacomo Presses Americas

We at Sangiacomo Americas specialize in distributing a diverse array of products, with the straight side press being our newest line. Tailored to meet your organizational requirements, our straight side press stands out in terms of quality, rigidity, and adaptability. Seeking a cost-effective press solution? We offer both single connecting rod straight side presses and double connecting rod straight side presses, so you can find the perfect press for the job. Reach out to us for a no-obligation consultation. Whether you're located in North or South America, we're committed to delivering the industry's finest straight side presses to you. Our range encompasses both single and double connecting rod models, catering to your diverse operational needs. Explore the detailed specifications provided and connect with us when you're ready to make a purchase. Trust in Sangiacomo Americas to equip you with the optimal straight side press for your operations.

Technical Information

Straight Side Presses with Single Connecting Rod

single connecting rod


Press Model Power
Nominal speed
[mm] - [in]
Table-Ram distance*
[mm] - [in]
Working table
[mm] - [in]
Ram surface
[mm] - [in]
T50 V DM-SB 500 80-200 12-110
300 (11,81) 800x600 (31,50x23,62) 650x420
T75 V DM-SB 750 60-150 14-140
320 (12,60) 900x650 (35,43x25,59) 700x470
T75 DM-SB 800 40-100 14-150
400 (15,75) 1000x650 (39,37x25,59) 850x550
T100 DM-SB 1000 30-75 17-180
400 (15,75) 1100x650 (43,31x25,59) 1100x650
T125 DM-SB 1250 28-70 16-200
450 (17,72) 1300x800 (51,18x31,50) 1300x800
T160 DM-SB 1600 24-60 15-220
500 (19,69) 1400x800 (55,12x31,50) 1400x800
T200 DM-SB 2000 22-56 19-230
520 (20,47) 1450x850 (57,09x33,46) 1450x850
T250 DM-SB 2500 20-50 15-220
550 (21,65) 1600x900 (62,99x35,43) 1600x900

Straight Side Presses with Double Connecting Rod

double connecting rod


Press Model Power
Nominal speed
[mm] - [in]
Table-Ram distance*
[mm] - [in]
Working table
[mm] - [in]
Ram surface
[mm] - [in]
T125 DM-DB 1250 35-90 14-150
450 (17,72) 1300x800 (51,18x31,50) 1350x800
T160 DM-DB 1600 35-90 18-180
500 (19,69) 1500x900 (59,06x35,43) 1550x900
T200 DM-DB 2000 35-80 20-200 (0,79x7,87) 500 (19,69) 1700x1000 (66,93x39,37) 1750x1000
T250 DM-DB 2500 35-75 21-230 (0,83x9,06) 550 (21,65) 1900x1100 (74,80x43,31) 1950x1100
T315 DM-DB 3150 35-70 23-250
650 (25,59) 2100x1200 (82,68x47,24) 2150x1200
T400 DM-DB 4 4000 30-65 23-250
650 (25,59) 2300x1300 (90,55x51,18) 2350x1300
T500 DM-DB 5000 20-60 23-250
700 (27,56) 2550x1400 (100,39x55,12) 2600x1400
T250 DM-DB 2R** 2500 14-36 300
550 (21,65) 1950x1150 (76,77x45,28) 2000x1150
T315 DM-DB 2R** 3150 14-34 400
650 (25,59) 2150x1300 (84,65x51,18) 2200x1300
T400 DM-DB 2R** 4000 14-32 400
700 (27,56) 2350x1300 (92,52x51,18) 2400x1300

Straight Side Presses

Straight side presses have a strong and solid machine characteristic. The robust design offers high stability and strength while providing a large die area and side openings. We sell some of the best quality straight side presses. The range of products includes presses with single or double connecting rods and a wide range of optional features and customizations to adapt the machine to the production need. If you’re looking for a good quality straight side press, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • CE Certification
  • Steel frame
  • Forged alloy steel shafts
  • Pneumatic or hydro-pneumatic clutch-brake combined units
  • Control Panel with SIEMENS PLC
  • Automatic stroke change with numeric control
  • Automatic hydraulic overload protection
  • Automatic set-up of the press
  • Automatic and centralized lubrication system with adjustable flow

*Measured at the bottom dead point with max stroke and ram regulation up




The CNC Control solution allows the storage of all the settings in a "tool program" (overall 2000 programs).

Recalling a tool program from the touch screen panel, the press will automatically and simultaneously execute the set-up (stroke change, speed, distance table-ram, electronic cams, etc.) in less than two minutes.


Electronic system to measure the press force and the distribution of the forces on the table.



Ball guides, support arms with rollers, and hydraulic die clamps facilitate tooling change overs.



Upon request we can supply complete feeding lines and turnkey solutions.

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