Adjustable stroke presses increase productivity

Reduce downtime with adjustable stroke presses

Increase throughput with adjustable stroke presses

Lower costs to make short-run stamping jobs profitable

Official Distributor of Sangiacomo Stamping Presses in North, South, and Central America


SANGIACOMO is a leader in the manufacturing of adjustable stroke mechanical presses with over 60 years of experience producing some of the industry's best stamping presses in the world.

The company sets itself apart by machining all the mechanical components on precision equipment for the best metal stamping press at the factory in Vittorio Veneto, Italy. This practice enables Sangiacomo to ensure the highest quality, traceability, and serviceability from the component level up to the finished product.

We collaborate with our customers to promptly meet all requests and modifications, from the project study to the sales and service. 

Building on its reputation for quality and reliability, Sangiacomo has expanded its development to a wide range of products and solutions for the metal stamping industry. In addition to presses, we offer integrated turnkey solutions for all your stamping needs, from feeding systems to conveyors.

We happily work with our customers to customize and modify our presses, giving them a press that offers all that they need and nothing they don’t. Ask us about our optional features like automatic stroke change with numeric control.

If you are looking for the best stamping press in the USA or for an affordable  USA stamping presses distributor, give us a call. We are here to serve your needs.

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(HQ) T100DM SBVFlexible turn-key stamping press solutions

Adjustable stroke presses drive performance

We help manufacturing companies with outdated and inefficient stamping processes by building and delivering adjustable stroke stamping presses resulting in:

  • Increased productivity and flexibility because one press can do blanking, coining, drawing, bending
  • Increased throughput because adjustable stroke takes less time to cycle
  • Reduced downtime and repair costs
  • Faster die changes 
  • 20-50% longer tool life
  • Longer press life
  • Lower costs that make short-run production jobs profitable
  • Improved stamped part quality
  • Saved space on the production floor 
  • Eliminated bottlenecks

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