A Little More About Us

2022 marks the 66 years anniversary of our parent company. CMBB started producing presses in 1956. It became later part of the SECCO group until it was split off in 1972, where it continued to operate under the Sangiacomo name. Tens of thousands of machines have been sold primarily in the European market.

About Us

Since its inception, the primary goal has been to produce a high-quality product at a very reasonable price.

All mechanical press parts are designed and machined at the Sangiacomo facility in Vittorio Veneto, near Venice, Italy. This ensures flexibility and consistent quality.


The elephant, a symbol of strength, has been embodied in the logo for decades and underscores the commitment to superior machine design and quality.

Since 2014, Sangiacomo Presses Americas has been the exclusive distributor for the North and South American continents. Stock presses are on display in the showroom in Huntsville, Alabama.

Spare parts and service technicians are also dispatched from the Huntsville facility. The sales and support offices in New Jersey, California, Indiana, and Sao Paulo (Brazil) further ensure prompt service.

Our Presses

We specialize in mechanical presses with adjustable stroke lengths and custom add-ons for all your press needs. We offer C-frame and straight side presses as well as complete production solutions by providing presses, feeding systems, molds, and conveyors. Quality extends to the selection of purchased components. Our electrical controls feature products from leading brands such as Schneider, SIEMENS, PILZ, and Allen-Bradley.


Adjustable Stroke Length

A unique feature of Sangiacomo presses is the adjustable stroke length. The available lengths range from very small, well suited for blanking, to impressively long, which is needed for draw forming applications.

Advantages of our adjustable stroke presses include faster die changes, increased productivity and flexibility, reduced downtime and repair costs, and a 50% longer tool life.

Changing the stroke is very easy and takes only minutes. The NC control option on larger press models (T80 and up) provides a fully automated stroke length change based on the setting stored in the tool programs.

Integrated Safety Mechanisms

All presses include standard safeguarding. The front doors open for point-o

f-operation access and are redundantly interlocked. The side guards can be swung open to allow full access to the die area. They are also interlocked with electromagnetic sensors. Many safeguarding options, such as light curtains, are available. Guards can also be custom configured to enclose a feeder or extra-large dies.

All presses are CE Certified and comply with the most stringent European norms as well as ANSI, OSHA, and Canadian standards.

Custom Add-ons

Interested in customizing your press to best suit your stamping needs? We offer numerous add-ons for our presses, such as tie rods for increased frame strength, rapid die tooling for quick tooling changeovers, and more. Since the frame is manufactured in Vittorio Veneto, customizations are easily implemented, and the possibilities are endless.

Sales and Service

Our sales and technical team work closely with you before, during, and after the sale to ensure your needs are addressed and exceedingly met. Replacement parts are commercially available worldwide, ensuring minimum replacement cost and high serviceability. PLC programs are stored on SD cards. Thus, replacements are as easy as transferring a memory card.

We are here to help you with all of your stamping needs!

Please contact us at any time to talk to one of our experts.


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