Adjustable Stroke Press Technology


Adjustable Stroke Press 

We specialize in manufacturing adjustable stroke mechanical presses to provide productivity and quality-enhancing solutions to our customers around the world. Our adjustable stroke technology caters towards manufacturers dealing with these two main issues:

  • Do your stamping operations exert too much time and effort to produce quality parts?
  • Do your stamping operations have frequent down time due to tool and press problems?

If you're a manufacturing company facing these issues, stick around to learn more about how our our adjustable stroke presses can help.


Fixed vs. Adjustable Stroke Length

All of our presses feature a mechanically-adjustable stroke length that enables the  press to be used for more than one type of forming. Traditionally, press operators use a fixed stroke press that uses only one non-adjustable stroke length to form material. Since press tools and dies are limited by the available stroke length of the press to which it's attached, this means that a fixed stroke coining press can only perform the coining action. If you're a mixed-forming fabrication shop, this could mean lots of wasted productivity and floor space.

An adjustable stroke press, on the other hand, provides that multi-use flexibility by expanding the use to multiple types of forming such as blanking, stamping, and coining--all in one machine. The adjustable stroke length allows a variety of lengths of tools and dies to be used on one machine. This means that you can now perform multiple types of forming on one machine, freeing up floor space and significantly boosting productivity by increasing efficiency. 


Advantages for You

  1. Eliminated bottlenecks and increased flexibility because one press can do stamping, blanking, coining, drawing, bending.
    Using an adjustable stroke press is a great way to increase versatility and reduce bottlenecks in your stamping operations.

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  2. Increased throughput because of shorter, faster strokes
    An adjustable stroke press uses an efficient stroke, saving energy for the forming process.

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  3. Reduced downtime and repair costs

    An adjustable stroke press saves time and money in the areas of machine utilization, tool life, and repairs.

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  4. Up to 50% longer tool life
    An adjustable stroke reduces the overall impact velocity by using a shorter stroke. This reduces the wear and tear on tools due to less stress over time, resulting in longer tool life.

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  5. Longer press life
    The dynamic forces in an adjustable stoke press are much less than a fixed stroke press, thanks to our technology. A shorter stroke reduces the harmful forces within the press frame and drive system, increasing the press's life.

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  6. Lower costs that make short-run production jobs profitable
    Adjustable stroke stamping presses can help drive business growth by providing more flexibility in your stamping operations.

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  7. Improved stamped part quality

    More time for forming yields better results and a more stable process. The forming time is inversely related to the stroke length so a shorter stroke length means better product quality.

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