Case Study: Adjustable stroke press drives business growth

Recently, ART Metals Group (ART) shared their experience with us. If you’ve ever doubted whether an adjustable stroke press has the ability to positively affect your company’s bottom line, you’ll want to keep reading this case study about how an adjustable stroke stamping press drives business growth.

Chad Wyan, Director of Engineering at ART, located in Fairfield, OH, had a problem. ART was receiving a lot of requests for short-run production jobs and could not take them because of high tool costs in relation to the job size.

Chad’s solution? A low-tonnage adjustable stroke press from Sangiacomo Presses. ART purchased a Sangiacomo T-50 C-frame flywheel punch press. This press is well suited for applications with higher production speeds for increased productivity, such as blanking and stamping. The T-50 C-frame press features the following, plus standard features not listed here:

  • 15.75-inch max die height (table to ram distance)
  • 140 strokes per minute (variable speed available as an option)
  • 0.47-4.33 inch adjustable stroke length 
  • 2.76 ram adjustment (slide adjustment)
  • 500 kN max pressure (capacity)

Chad explains, “Since I joined the company, we were seeing estimates with a lot of lower volumes that didn't justify a multi-out approximately $50,000 tool to run 10,000 pieces a year. With the Sangiacomo press and the lower tonnage press, we decided we could make a single-out tool where we could interchange some components in one master die, make various parts with that tool, and be competitive on these lower volume quotes that nobody else really wants. So, even if it was a lower volume quote that nobody else wants to take, we can increase margin and lower tool costs, and it made good business sense.”

Chad continues, “The adjustable stroke was key, giving us the ability to take a variety of parts and put more parts into that press than if I went with, say, a straight-sided press. With a straight-sided press, we would need to slow down the speed and go with a larger stroke to accommodate the same amount of parts.” 

“Once I could show that I can cover 80% or 85% of the quotes we're seeing that we typically just no-quote or pass on, and have the opportunity to bid on them and win some new customers, along with adding more business with existing customers, then higher management was all in on the adjustable stroke Sangiacomo press”, Chad explains.

“Probably the other big thing about the Sangiacomo Press was the adjustable stroke on the press because we do mainly round work, but we do a large variety of it, and we kind of did the master die concept.”

“Looking at it, we could run pretty much anything under four inches in diameter. And with the adjustable stroke, I can run faster on the smaller parts and slower on the larger parts, but I've got the flexibility to go between the two. Some of the other presses we have here are fixed strokes, so I'm running say a one-inch part, but I've got a six-inch stroke. Obviously, I'm wasting a lot of time. I'm only running 70 strokes a minute whereas, on the Sangiacomo adjustable stroke stamping press, I can crank it up to 180.”

“So, with the feed line and everything, it fits into our existing floor plan. Now that we have it here, everybody likes the less expensive tooling. We can get a part into production in a lot quicker lead time because I'm not building a big die”, concludes Chad.

Click here to see the full technical data on the Sangiacomo T-50 C-frame flywheel press.  To view the full line of Sangiacomo presses, download our product brochure.

Check out other time-saving and productivity-increasing advantages of an adjustable stroke press here.

For more background on this story, check out this article that was featured in the September 2022 issue of MetalForming Magazine, written by Brad Kuvin.


About ART Metals Group

ART Metals Group is a full-service global supplier of precision metal stamping and assemblies, thrust bearings, and coining services. Based in Ohio, they serve numerous industries of Auto, Truck, Bus, Solar, HVAC, Military, AG, and more. ART specializes in providing quality products produced on time and under budget. Check out some of their past projects here.

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