High-Speed Stamping: A Recap of PMA Technical Webinar


In case you missed it, René Zwahlen--president of Sangiacomo Presses Americas and Director of Operations for Bruderer Machinery, Inc.-- spoke about the mechanisms of high-speed stamping processes at the last PMA Technical Webinar.

In his presentation, Zwahlen went over the key aspects of high-speed stamping presses that are generally overlooked or not well understood. High-speed stamping presses can operate at 2000 strokes/min. and more.

At these production speeds, dynamic forces and thermal influences dramatically affect the stamping process. He took listeners on a journey of understanding the mechanisms to counteract these influences and explained why these types of presses are more precise than conventional stamping presses.

Below is a video recap of the Q & A portion of the webinar where audience members submitted questions. Check it out!


Video Summary
  1. How do you determine the proper stroke height for your part?

    A: Primarily by shape and size of the part. As a starting point, you want to double the height of the part when determining the proper stroke height. However, whatever your stroke height is, it's crucial to use the shortest stroke in order to optimize your stamping speed.

  2. In a high-speed stamping press, what's the best way to thread a strip through the die?

    A: First, you'll need to troubleshoot the cause for misthreaded strips. Check alignment in relation to the die. Next, consider how level the strip is fed through the die. Lastly, consider your oil seal barriers.

  3. Is stroke height a fundamental feature of the press itself?

    A: Yes, that's correct. This feature would have to be mechanically adjusted. Sangiacomo makes an adjustable stroke press for this very reason.

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